Fasika Ethiopian Restaurant 


A1- Ethiopian Salad
Shredded romaine lettuce,tomatoes,red onions and jalapeno peppers in lemon vinaigrette.
$ 3.50

A2- Azifa
Lentil salad with jalapeno peppers,onions and vinegar.
$ 3.25

A3- Yé-Timatim Fitfit
Diced fresh tomatoes, onions, jalapeno peppers,in a lemon and vinaigrette dressing blended with injera.
$ 4.00

A4- Ayeb Bé-Gomen
Homemade cottage cheese mixed with fine chopped collared greens,herbs and spices.
$ 4.00

A5- Yé-Suf Fitfit
Sunflower juice mixed with onions,jalapeno peppers and other spices blended with injera.
$ 4.50

A6- Sambosa

Non-Veggie- Ground beef seasoned in mild spices wrapped in a thin dough and deep fried.
$ 4.50

Vegetarian Option- Seasoned lentil,onions and jalapeno peppers wrapped in a thin dough and deep fried.
$ 4.50


B1- Kitfo (Ethiopian Tartar Dish)
Minced lean beef with spicy seasoning blended in butter sauce.
$ 11.95

B2- Kitfo Special
Minced lean beef with spicy seasoning blended in butter sauce served with home made cottage cheese and spices.
$ 13.95

B3- Gored Gored
Lean Beef sautéed in garlic, ginger, jalapeno peppers,other spicy seasonings and butter sauce.
$ 11.95

B4- Yé-Kuanta or Yé-Tibs Firfir
Ethiopian style beef jerky or fresh beef cubes sautéed in Berbere (spicy) sauce blended with crumbs of injera.
$ 12.95

B5- Yé-Minchet Abish (Kéy - Spicy)
Finely chopped prime beef stewed with ginger, onions,cardamom, other spices and berbere (spicy) sauce.
$ 10.95

B6- Yé-Minchet Abish (Mild)
Finely chopped prime beef stewed with ginger, onions,cardamom & other spices.
$ 10.95


L1- Yé-Beg Tibs
Lamb cubes sautéed with jalapeno peppers and onions.
$ 11.95

L2- Fasika Special
Lamb cubes sautéed with wine and awaze (spicy) sauce.
$ 12.50

L3- Yé-Beg Wot Spicy
Lamb cubes stewed with onions,Jalapeno peppers and other spices.
$ 10.95

L4- Yé-Beg Alicha (Mild)
Fresh lamb cooked in mild turmeric sauce
$ 10.95

L5- Dulet
Tripe,liver and beef,cooked with jalapeno peppers and onions in Mitmita (spicy and hot) sauce.
$ 11.50


FC1- Doro Wot (Kéy - Spicy)
Tender skinned chicken cooked in Berbere sauce and served with hard-boiled eggs.
$ 11.95

FC2- Doro Wot Alicha (Mild)
Tender skinned chicken cooked in Turmeric sauce and served with hard-boiled eggs.
$ 11.95

FC3- Fasika Fish
Fresh water cat fish heavily seasoned with herbs and spices,cooked in red wine and served with Ethiopian salad.
$ 11.95

FC4- Yé-Doro Tibs
Chicken breast cooked with onion and jalepenos,served with a side of Ethiopian salad.
$ 11.95


V1- Tegabino (Kéy - Spicy)
Traditional sauce made from roasted legumes and Berbere.
$ 9.95

V2- Yé-misir Wot
Split lentils cooked in berbere sauce.
$ 9.50

V3- Yé-kik Alicha (Mild)
Split peas cooked in garlic and ginger sauce.
$ 9.25

V4- Yé-Gomen Wot (Mild)
Fresh collard green leaves sautéed with onions and garlic.
$ 9.50

V5- Yé-Atakilt kilikil (Mild)
Green beans,carrots,potatoes and onions cooked in a mild sauce.
$ 9.50

V6- Yé-Tikil Gomen (Mild)
Fresh cabbages,carrots,potatoes and green pepper cooked in a turmeric sauce.
$ 8.50

V7- Vegetable curry
Eggplants, squash, green and red peppers sautéed in a curry sauce.
$ 9.50


CM1- Vegetarian Combo
Choice of any five Vegetables or Appetizers except ( Vegetable Curry, Sambosa or Ayeb Bé-Gomen ).
$ 12.95

CM2- Non-Vegetarian Combo
Choice of any three Beef, Chicken or Lamb wot dishes and one item of (Kitfo,Tibs or Gored Gored.
$ 13.95

CM3- Fasika Combo (For Two)
Choice of any four Vegetables and three Non-Vegetarian dishes.
$ 22.95

CM4- Weekly Specials
Choice of one Vegetarian Dish,combined in addition to the regular menu.
$ 9.50


$ 3.00


$ 3.00